Tiki CMS

Tiki is the most feature rich content management system

available on the market.

  • Everything built in
  • Data driven Apps
  • Community Workgroup and Collaboration
  • Knowledge Management System's
  • Supportive and friendly development community
  • Open Source
  • ... many more

Open Source and professionally managed instances

With TikiHosting.com you get a managed instance of a preinstalled LTS Tiki CMS Groupware ready to go.

Upgrades to current LTS version and security fixes are included. Free backup plans to choose from.

Tiki offers a wide range of applications, covering everything from single page web sites to collaborative community pages. It's fine grained permission system and the all-built-in approach stands out.

No plugin hastle nor missing features will stop your ideas from coming reality. Built on open standards like bootstrap 5, smarty 3, php 8 and running on enterprise grade Linux servers you get what it takes to create your Tiki based solution when using TikiHosting.com services.

As Tiki is an open source project you stay in controll of your data and avoid geting caught in vendor lock-in and license fee traps.

TikiHosting.com is your affordable solution enabling you to focus on creating a Tiki app and adding content without the need to cover the burden of administrative tasks.

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