Open-Source is based on Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware. Tiki is an open source project brought to you by our hard working developers and a friendly user community. By utilizing open source solutions you get:

  • Data sovereignty
  • Transparency
  • Gradual and lower investments
  • Freedom

Open Source and professionally managed instances

Backed by EvoluData Inc. Montreal offers an Open Source SaaS platform based on Tiki.

The first step towards a full fledged Tiki based SaaS solution is the ongoing work with Tiki Manager.

Tiki Manager enables you to manage any Tiki installation via a web interface. So one scenario could be: you run Tiki Manger from our service and control an unlimited number of Tiki instances all over the world.

Tiki is the web content and knowledge management software with the most built in features.

You can also download Tiki and run it on your own infrastructure

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